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Reactoonz 2 launched at VIPs Casino

Following the success of the classic slot Reactoonz we are happy to tell you that the long awaited sequal Reactoonz 2 has been added to VIPs Casino's games selection! Reactoonz 2 is quickly climbing up to the top slots on VIPs Casino so if you haven't checked it out yet, now it's the time!

Reactoonz 2 is a 7x7 cascading video slot. Wins are achieved by getting 5 or more symbols in clusters. These are removed and new symbols fill up the grid. The Cascades continue until no more wins can be created. A random one-eyed symbol type fluctuates on each new round. If fluctuating symbols form a winning cluster, a single electric wild is created randomly on any spot of the removed symbols.

Furthermore, Fluctometer collects all the removed fluctuating symbols and creates 1, 2 or 3 electric wilds randomly when full and after all wins and cascades play out. Order of Priority after all the winning clusters are counted, and the cascades are done: FLUCTOMETER, QUANTUMETER, WILD PAIR EXPLOSION.

Stay tuned for upcoming games releases!

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