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Germany's new tax regime

Please note that from 1st July 2021 new tax regime will start in Germany. We are confident that all players are up to date of the changes coming into force with new regulation and we have also reached out to our existing players. The following term will be added for German player:

"Please note that for taxation reasons we will apply a BuyWin fee in the amount of 5.3% on all stakes, whereby odd cent amounts will be rounded up to the next full cent amount. This BuyWin fee will be deducted together with the stake from your Balance. By way of example, in case You place a stake in the amount of EUR 1, an additional amount of EUR 0.053 will be deducted from your balance (total amount deducted from your balance: EUR 1.053). In case you use bonus funds, We will deduct the BuyWin fee from Your bonus funds (as long as you have sufficient bonus funds) based on the same principle applying to non-bonus-based stakes and otherwise the BuyWin fee will be deducted directly from your balance."

Unfortunately at this point we are still not able to take new signups from German market but as soon as this is finalised we will inform you personally. If. you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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