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Cashback payment moved to Mondays


As you are aware, VIPs Casino's cashback scheme is one of the best and most valued reward plans available for your players. Every week your players can receive up to 20% of their net losses back in cash, no wagering required.

We are now doing a small improvement to our VIPs cashback plan: from now on your players will receive the cashback on Monday at 13:00 CET (instead of Friday). After talking to players and looking into numbers, it seems that this change was wanted to clarify the scheme. So from this week onwards cashback period is from Monday to Sunday (instead of Friday to Thursday) and the cashback payment will be done automatically to all qualified players on Monday afternoon.

We are only changing the dates for cashback period and payment, otherwise all terms and conditions will stay as they are. We are also contacting players to inform them of the update. We ask you to update this info on your content as well.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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