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We at VIPs Casino are aiming to be faster cashback online casino on mobile and desktop. VIPs Casino’s founders are players and have worked in the casino industry since 2005. We identified the need and opportunity to create a much more uncompromised user experience with a focus on speed. We are happy to offer you and your players a faster casino in everything from how fast pages and games are loaded to how fast the winnings can be withdrawn.



We give our customers real money without any wagering demands or other hidden conditions. VIPs Casino pay back up to 20% of your weekly loss in cash every Monday. The Cashback is calculated on player’s weekly loss by taking bets minus wins. The advantage of this is a much more logical reward approach and that players are free to use the money however they want.


When you sign up to our affiliate programme you will get paid up to 40% revenue share of the net revenue generated by players tagged to your affiliate account. We do not have negative carry over so every month you’ll start off from a clean table. This is how commission is calculated: 

Revenue € 0 - € 5,000

20 %

Revenue € 5000 - € 25,000

30 %

Revenue € 25,000 - € 35,000

35 %

Revenue more than € 35,000 <

40 %

When you sign up to VIPs Casino affiliate programme we are creating you a unique tracking code which will create a link between you and the player who navigates to through your content. After this the player is tagged to your affiliate account we will use the net revenue created by this player to pay your commission.

For more information, see our FAQ page in here »

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